A cat's life

Getting up every morning at half past five
Getting up and start my nine to five life
I am so tired I can’t open my eyes
And in these moments I think wouldn’t it be nice

I know my dream will never be realized
But at the breakfast table it’s allowed to fantasize

I want to be a cat and sleep all day
I want to be a cat and eat all day
Hunting mice and spiders and sometimes my tail

Wouldn’t it be nice
Wouldn’t it be nice to live a cat’s life

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Today I talked to a friend on the phone
He was excited said :"You gotta hear this new song
It´s a new band from the UK, I found them on myspace
Musicexpress, NME and Mojo think they´re great."

Well, that´s ok but

I will never ever follow this hype
`Cause I will never ever give up my mind
I´m not that easy to impress
Believe me I couldn´t care less

Today I talked to friend near by
She was excited said:"You gotta see this new guy
He´s new in our smalltown, eyes blue and hair brown
Lisa, Scarlet, Anna and her sister think he´s great."

Well, that´s ok but


Today I talked to friend in the pub
He was excited said:"You gotta go to this club
It has opened just last week, cheap drinks and good music
All of my friends and for sure you will think it´s great."

Well, that´s ok
It´s really ok but


Today I´ve got much more to do than yesterday
Going to the record shop and buy something from the UK
Writing a love letter to a blue eyed boy
It´s not that easy with this bad bad hangover

But I will never follow this hype
Believe me I couldn´t care less

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